Solar Energy PV Panels, Aluminium Windows, Feedin tariff cuts


Aluminium Doors and Windows

Aluminium Folding Sliding Doors and Windows

Aluminium folding sliding doors and windows helps improve the design of the glazing in your home. it has a huge effect on the look and feel of your living space. Here at Solar Frame we can help you achieve your vision using stunning aluminium folding sliding doors and windows incorporating slim frames and feature colours. We can advise on glazing specifications that keep heat in, stop rooms becoming too hot and even clean themselves!

Your "Grand Design" is just a phone call away

Aluminium Skylightss

Sky Lights

Sometimes the best way to bring beautiful natural light into your home is through the roof.

We can design feature skylights as part of your daylight solution to maximise the natural light within the room that not only looks great but saves money on energy costs.

Bring some "Blue Sky" into your home!

Solar Panels

Solar PV

Solar Panels use the sun's energy and turn it into free green energy for your home

Earn a tax free income of up to £1000 per year index linked for 20 years

Protect your family from ever rising energy costs and save even more!

Help secure a Brighter Future for your children